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Enjoy every day with a lovely gif ♥
T H E ・ G I F S P A M M E R ・ P L A C E

This community is to share gifs (one per day if possible) related to Japanese culture (music, dramas, movies...)

I'll try to post gifs from various different singers, groups, actors, actresses... as possible, but as I enjoy more working on things I like, I guess you understand that most of the gifs will be related to the same persons, ie. my major fandoms.
You can find the list below ↓ but in clear, it will be focused on AAA, my favorite Ikemen and a few other actors/actresses.

There's only one rule : Feel free to share them anywhere, I don't ask for credits.
There's only one rule : But please, if you take some, leave a comment to thank.

Oh ! I almost forgot ! If one (or more) day(s) you don't see a new post here, don't worry, you'll get as many as I missed on the following post. Also, I'll take some occasions (as birthdays for example) to share more than only one gif and make real huge gifspams as I love them ♥
One last thing : at the end of every month, I'll give you a download link so you can download all the gifs of the month ;)
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